Links and comments

General stuff

Paul Farrell’s 10 Reasons Not To Buy Stocks Until After The Next Market Crash

Rick Rule: Caution, Extreme Volatility Ahead –

S&P – Potentially Ominous Turn

Behind Portugal’s Inevitable Default – Arithmetic Evidence Showing Exactly How and When It Should Happen | zero hedge

No, The Big Banks Have Not “Paid Back” Government Bailouts and Subsidies – Washington’s Blog:

Climate change stuff

AFP: More plant growth could slow but not halt global warming: NASA:

Study Charts How Underground CO2 Can Leach Metals into Water | SolveClimate News:

Africa selling soil carbon credit. Is it worth it? See the new groundbreaking project

Cleantech & Energy stuff

Some Economics of the Great Coal Game | Oil very good piece

The Press Association: Energy prices ‘to rise by 25%’: rise more in my opinion.

Global warming heats oil and coal sectors Jon Markman’s Speculations – : comments on the gulf stream

Climate change: who cares? – Al Jazeera English:

AFP: Subarctic wildfires a ‘runaway climate change’ risk:

Age of Cheap Oil Is Over: IEA’s Chief Economist:

Tony Lodge: We have the chance to lead world with a new clean fuel – Yorkshire Post:

Foodchain stuff

Seed Aid is Big Business:

Cocoa – All Eyes On West Africa | Risk Watchdog

Vatican has not endorsed genetically modified food, official says: – The mainstream press pushed yet more GM “mis-information”.

FAO for new taxes to meet climate change impact on agriculture –  Business News – News – MSN India:

Drought-crippled farmers devastated by flooding – ABC Sydney – Australian Broadcasting Corporation:

Staple food crops do not want global warming will yield less, not more

Sustainable Seafood among the biggest trends for 2011 | Nation’s Restaurant News: next few links help to explain why.

Scientists fear mass extinction as oceans choke – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation):

We are running out of places to fish: The Spatial Expansion and Ecological Footprint of Fisheries (1950 to Present):

The Gulf of Mexico is Dying | Phoenix Rising from the Gulf:

Rare metals stuff

GATA’s advertisement in The Wall Street Journal | Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee: those of you who missed this, it explains many of the concerns regarding the gold and silver markets. Worth a read.

Is There a Short Squeeze in the Silver Market? –

Massive Short Squeeze at Hand in Gold and Silver Markets

Robotics stuff

South Korea’s autonomous robot gun turrets: deadly from kilometers away: – these are the real scary robots. Not the ones that walk around, but the ones that sit there patiently, for years even, until a human target wanders by. Coming soon to critical oil & gas installations in dodgy parts of the world?

Japan’s Robot Picks Only the Ripest Strawberries (video) | Singularity Hub:




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